New Blog: A Brief History

I’ve been writing for decades now. Several years ago I started a blog, The Paperthin Hymn, which became somewhat well read- gathering well over a million views over the years. I retired it to begin writing for the Pulpit and Pen, after being invited by JD. At the time it was a small, obscure website with little content and we grew it to become an influential website with a large and broad audience.  After about two years, when it became clear to me that the owner and main draw of the blog, JD Hall, was becoming increasingly combative and antagonistic in his public social media life, I took a sabbatical from the blog and ultimately decided that returning to it would be of no value, given that a lack of peace and a restless aggressiveness had taken hold there, and I did not want to be part of it.

I then landed at the Reformed Pub at the request of Les and Tanner.Though I don’t drink, and have no interest in the “Beer” part of it, I did enjoy writing there and attempting to focus on the “reformed” culture. My goal was to help address a problem I saw within the group- a rampant immaturity from *some* factions of the pub. Things were cool there, until I posted an interview that the Bible Thumping Wingnut did with the abolitionist  Russell Hunter. I was told after the post was deleted that the Reformed Pub did not want to be associated or seen to promote or be supportive in any way with BTWN or AHA, even if was simply linking to an article or an interview. I did not know this at the time that they had issues and a history between them. I spoke with Les about it briefly, and it unfortunately became clear to me that despite my attempts to talk about it and work it out, seeing as how I had no idea it was a problem and was more than willing to acquiesce to goal and vision for the pub, he felt I was not being supportive and he asked me to leave. This was a somewhat painful and disappointing parting, as I was being met with the problem I was seeking to offset, but I nonetheless moved on.

After having been kicked out of the Pub, I was asked by Len and Tim of the BTWN to write for them. I had barely  heard of them before, and given I didn’t know much about them, I spent some time asking them many questions about my role there, as well as contacted some of their biggest critics to see what areas of weakness and immaturity they had, as well as their strengths and areas of excellence, so I could be sure I was falling in with like minded people and those who I could support.  I spent over a year there, writing for them and supporting the ministry. Recently though, as the BTWN became overwhelmingly aggressive and derisive towards AHA, I contacted Tim and Len and stepped down from being associated with them in a formal direct way, as they had pretty much declared open season on abolitionists,  and I in good conscience could not support them, and they in turn could not support me. It wasn’t the lack of support of AHA as I can still respect and support people who find them and their cause problematic. It was the meanness, cruelty, and lack of grace and mercy when talking to people that they disagreed with. The final chapter of this has seemingly closed when I was kicked out from the Facebook group a day or so later, because they have made a policy to not allow any abolitionists to join or participate, even though I have always had a good reputation with them and their group.

So here we are now. I have decided that there is no value in joining another blogging troupe. I don’t want to get dragged into other people’s battles, nor be associated with bombastic individuals and being put into the position of having to defend other people’s bad behavior or hypocrisy. I  don’t want to be in a group where people destroy unity and break fellowship over petty squabbles and small theological and methodological differences, left wallowing in their own immaturity. I also don’t I want to be associated with people whose hatred for my deeply held beliefs and ideologies drive them to irrationality and inconsistency, or who tolerate “christian cruelty” in the name of polemics and apologetics. I hate it when Christians are graceless, loveless, uncharitable and unmerciful towards other believers, when they injure and maim in the name of truth and love.

To that end, I have created this website to be my permanent home. I’m currently in the processes of collecting and rounding up all my articles I have written in the last three years and putting them here. This means that for the next month or so, there will be little or no new content, but rather I will be updating with the old articles. In some cases like the Reformed Pub, they simply deleted everything I have written for the but I have them saved to my computer. In other cases, like Pulpit and Pen, I have reached out to them, as a brother, and requested that they remove my articles from their website, as I do not want my name or works associated with them in any way. This may end up with them taking them down, or it may mean they’ll be both here and there, but at least I won’t have to link there when wanting to reference something.

But what is this blog about? The tagline of the site is “where righteous rage meets righteousness.” It’s a place where I get to comment on whatever I want, and try to bring some grace, balance, and a little bit of righteousness to the situation. Where I can represent other people well and have some dialogue in a way that seeks to show the other person mercy without assigning evil intent or bad motivations.  At times it will be biting, cutting, unyielding and relentless in pursuit and defense of the truth, but always with mercy.

Always with mercy.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Doug says:

    Is it that you don’t want to be part of a troupe or more likely that no one wants you attached to their troupe.


    1. Jim Sarco says:

      It’s more likely that this site contains excrement themed essays!


  2. Jim Sarco (jmac + trump = make evangelical great again) says:

    Its more likely that merciful mouse farted and sharted his way out of those troupes and caused a major poo mess!!!


  3. Jim Sarco (jmac + trump = make evangelical great again) says:

    Also , i call on all readers to start multiple petitions calling for the deletion of this shart themed site.


  4. Jim Sarco (jmac + trump = make evangelical great again) says:

    Also, know that merciful mouse is an obsolete blog determined to cause a major fart storm of poo!


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