I Love You Even If You Don’t Love AHA

There are people who love the Lord and seek to love their neighbor well who do not support AHA ideology and the work of abolitionism. They might be doing their own thing, or they disagree with certain aspects of it. They might wish to distance themselves from the reputation that abolitionists have accrued (mostly unfairly, though occasionally not) or they reject the tenets in their ignorance due to a lack of understanding or because they have been mislead by detractors. They might not wish to get caught in the fray, or they simply might have a differing perspective or viewpoint on it which prevents them from being supportive of it- for better or for worse.

Though I wish it were not so, I am ok with this.

These are good people who are at least seeking to be fair and represent their brothers and sisters well. They’re doing the best they can to be accurate, precise and to work this out in their own minds. They talk with abolitionists and things go well or get messy and they ultimately end up disagreeing for one reason or another. While they’re not there yet, they leave the door open, and the way they talk with you and about it demonstrates that they are kind, gracious, loving, and seeking to emulate Christ in the care they take even as they disagree. They’ll ask great question, seek to poke holes in inconsistencies, offer challenges and rebukes if they feel they are warranted, and overall do their due diligence when confronted with AHA stuff, but always with the intent to win a brother and to be Christlike in their dealings.

Then there are those who don’t agree with AHA who are vicious, vindictive, and do not represent Christ. They carelessly throw out words like “cult,” “heretics” and “sectarian minimalists” with little regard for the truth. They refuse correction, spread lies, and don’t care if they are being precise. They seek to stop destroy AHA with the same zeal that we seek to stop abortion, jumping in on every social media conversation with their comments designed to sow discord. In a way they play the role of the crow who snatches seeds out of the good soil. Tragically they leave in their path a whole swath of people who had heard of AHA and thought to get involved to stop the slaughter of babies, but after reading their false testimony have becomes discouraged and decided against it, and are now doing nothing. These individuals seek to destroy the movement and if in the process they have to slander or misrepresent hundreds or thousands of fellow Christians, then so be it. That’s if you’re lucky. If not, they’ll dismiss you as some false believer and relegate you to the pits of damnation. They say things like “AHA is a cult. Their only doctrine is Abortion” or “If you do Church Repent you’re not a Christian” or “AHA hates the church” and it doesn’t matter how often they are corrected or are come alongside by gentle and thoughtful people wishing to counsel, they shrug it off with stiffened spines and persist in their shame.

My encouragement for anyone wrestling with what to do with these  abolitionists when they’re getting it from all sides, is be the former group. Take some time to deal with primary sources, whether that takes days or weeks or months. Hash it out. Talk to one of them. Hear all sides. Be objective. See if counter-articles have been written responding to sensational claims from disreputable sources. Seek truth and not trivialities. Reject the people being unfair or hysterical and who have seemingly lost their ability to reason and use logic. Get bothered by the people who keep on misrepresenting. Refuse to go with those who are flippant and careless in their speech. Read the website.   If you have honest questions and are looking for more information, join the Abolitionist Facebook group.

If after all that you conclude that its not something you can actively support, and you think the tactics are wrong, or you don’t like the graphic signs, or the Church Repent project, or have had some bad personal experiences with certain people associated with AHA and instead would rather work with a different group like  BAMH , OSA,  ENDABORTIONNOW or your own Church, or whatever reason you have for taking a step back, then that’s cool.

Thank you for being fair about it.

Thank you for using your discernment and coming up with a different conclusion. I would love to talk further and convince you why I think you’re wrong or are missing something and continue to wrestle with you over this. But if that’s where you land, then you’re still my brother. You’re still my sister. I love you, and I like that we can treat each other well and have unity together despite our differences.

I hope that whatever you chose to do, [and you don’t need AHA to do these things] that you find ways to actively love your pre-born neighbor and find your own way to bring the gospel into conflict with a culture that practices child sacrifice. That you seek to stir up your friends and family and Church body to take action and to do justice and mercy, in whichever way you are able.

I’ll be there supporting you and encouraging you when you do.

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  1. Cervantes says:

    Thank you for this post, brother. I’m not a member of AHA, but I am greatly disappointed in how so many “leading men” in the Church have behaved (online, through their posts, radio, etc.), how they carelessly throw out words like “cult”. “heretic”, “jihadists”, etc, at born-again brothers and sisters, and how more and more “bloggers” are jumping on the bandwagon in castigating AHA and those associated with AHA. They don’t seem to realize that the people they’re treating like dirt are members of the Body of Christ and that they are hurting Christ’s sheep. I have to say that I am most disappointed in JD Hall and Tony Miano. It’s actually depressing and I simply cannot read their posts anymore.
    Even as I write this I realize that they’re just men who, like me, are saved only by the grace of God. Like me, they’re prone to err, as the old hymn says, “prone to wander”, and so I should be more generous toward them. They haven’t hurt me. I’m no one. They are hurting other brothers and sisters, but that’s when we’re told to turn the other cheek to them.
    It’s disheartening that so much discord has occurred over a subject of which all (true) Christians should be in agreement.
    For now, I’ve deleted several from my blog list, (P&P, Polemics Report, Cross Encounters, Watchmans Bagpipes. Hip and Thigh). Others I simply don’t read or listen to (James White, Apologia, Chuck Pierce, and others) and now have even greater reason to avoid them.
    As I said, I’m not part of AHA, but I admire the courage, the humility, and the passion that AHA associates have in witnessing to the lost, at abortuaries, and to the Church.
    We have a couple of friends who are with AHA and they are among the kindest, most humble brothers and sisters I’ve met. They’ve been with us when we’ve done witnessing (ala Way of the Master), and we’ve joined them outside a planned parenthood building. I can support them for the cause is right and just, and they’re members of the Body of Christ.
    I hope that soon there will be some sort of repentance on the part of these “leading men”. If and when that happens, I hope that AHA members and leaders won’t have allowed bitterness to grow in their hearts that they are unable to forgive and be reconciled.
    I think your stated position in this post is an excellent way to walk: I’m not part of AHA and you don’t consider me a heretic. You are associated with AHA and I admire your courage and passion and know that you are a brother-in-Christ. May we both continue, by the grace of our Savior, to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and seek to please Him who loved us and gave His life for us.
    Thank you, again, for this message.
    C. Cervantes


  2. Cervantes says:

    I made a mistake when I listed “Chuck Pierce” among those I don’t listen to (although I don’t actually listen to him anyway). I meant that I will not listen to Rich Pierce. Please forgive my error.
    Thank you.
    C. Cervantes


  3. Doug says:

    As with most fanatical people I find your comments about loving people anyway a bit on the questionable side. Dustin when it comes to being an abolitionist your are fanatical down to the t-shirts and the road side sign. Where you lack in love is in the offense you bring to people who have had abortions, or who are females who find offense in you telling them what they shouldn’t do to their bodies.

    You have no idea why that person has had or is about to have an abortion, you just preach your version of the gospel to them. You have no idea of the hurt, pain and grief that is felt by most who have had an abortion, yet you continue to preach your gospel and claim it is in love. No, sir, it isn’t love. You have no compassion or empathy for these women. You have no understanding of why they were where they were or where they are.

    Your t-shirts bring offense to other women and drive them away from your cause. Your version of silent and vocal preaching is not loving, understanding or truly Christian. Christ loved the sinner. There are many examples of this need I point to Mary?

    You may feel justified in your beliefs and everyone is entitled to their beliefs. But as a professing Christian you need to ask yourself how would Jesus see how you share your version of the gospel. It doesn’t line up with the loving Jesus I know.


  4. Doug says:

    Not really, some one who loved others wouldn’t walk in judgement of people. You have no idea why that lady had an abortion, is thinking of having one or anything else, you just pass judgement. That isn’t Christian for who are you to Judge. That isn’t Christian love and it isn’t love in any fashion. Who died and made you God, may the Lord have mercy on you, you aren’t a merciful mouse, more like a vicious rat.


  5. Are you a Christian, Doug?


    1. Doug says:

      I am definitely, I ask you the same question. Are you a Christian, because I don’t see brotherly love in any of your writings, I don’t see the love of Jesus in your writings.


  6. Doug says:

    I realise that what I have point out to you is making you question why I would be so pointed, so critical, but you sir are very critical and unloving. You remind me of the Pharisees. Jesus hated the sin but loved the sinner. You like the Pharisees cast the stones at the sinner – you way of dealing with those seeking or having had an abortion. The 2 x 4 you hit people with in wearing your abortion t-shirts in front of people, in front of non-believers. you bring great offense to many believers and non-believers alike. So I ask you are you really a Christian, more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    He knows your deeds and the stumbling block that you have become.

    In Revalation 3 as Christ is speaking to the churches He says to each of them “I know your deeds”. Everything that we do is known to the Lord, there is nothing that will remain unknown to Him.

    1 Corinthians 10: 31-33 (NIV)
    …31So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God. 32Do not become a stumbling block, whether to Jews or Greeks or the church of God, 33just as I try to please everyone in all I do. For I am not seeking my own good, but the good of many, that they may be saved.…


  7. Jim sarco says:

    Eeewww shat fell from bum bum and made a splat!!!! Yummy


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