You Probably Shouldn’t Be Attending Christian Leadership Conferences

Christians love LEADERSHIP. It is a favored theme that has a soft spot in the hearts of most believers. I say “most believers” but actually I think it’s probably “most pastors.” More often than not they’re the ones who have an unrequited need to foist leadership principles upon their congregations. They bring in speakers to…

The Beauty And Excellence Of Destroying Unity

Suppose you met some people who told you they were Christian brothers and sisters. They stated they believed in the God of scriptures, believed that Jesus was his Son, that he died for their sins and that he rose from the dead. They believed salvation was by faith and grace, and that loving God and…

Laying down your right to the instant, public rebuke.

One of the inevitabilities of being active on social media is being witness to the daily skirmishes between several christian groups and people that I like and whose ministries I equally respect. Right now some are behaving badly. Some are being needlessly provocative. Some are acting kinder than others. Some are acting graciously. Some are showing me their true colours…

Loving Mush While Despising The Meat

This coming Sunday, pastors from all over the world will be delivering sermons to their respective congregations. For the vast majority of people, topics will invariably be on how to have better sex, having a happier marriage, how to be a strong leader, parenting techniques, how to manage money, positive thinking, vision casting, spiritual lessons from blockbuster movies, and…

Shut Up About That Pastor Sexing Up That Girl

Initially this post was going to be titled: “The Pastoral Art Of Committing Adultery And Getting Restored Within The Year” but that proved to be a bit too specific and I wanted to go a bit broader. But tell me if this scenario sounds familiar to you:

Miracles Are Meaningless To The Atheist

. Tens upon thousands were impacted by him and his miracles- possibly even a hundred thousand, and what is the end result? A crowd shouting “crucify him” and only 120 believers holed up in the upper room after his death.

Getting Cut On The Double-Edged Blade Of “Discernment”

“That associate pastor of yours may not have the discernment to recognize that someone like Steven Furtick is an habitual Scripture twister, for all the times he quotes him in his sermons, but neither do you have the discernment to stop looking at pornography and see it for the unquestionably devastating and far reaching sin that it is, and they do.”